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Rating: NC-17.

Keywords: Sherlock/OMC, Tom Hiddleston fancast, drugs, slash, Sherlock POV, bisexual Sherlock, mystery, amnesia

Spoilers: This story takes place in early 2016 so the dumpster fire that was basically everything about that year - including season four - hasn't happened.

Disclaimer: This started out as a sort of "50 First Dates" Johnlock story and morphed into this psychological Girl on the Train/Before I Go To Sleep fusion-ish thing. The characters are all from BBC Sherlock, except Henry who is mine even though he's named after one of Doyle's characters.

Summary: Every day I wake up not remembering how I got here or who this man is who claims he's my husband. I cannot trust my own memory. There is one thing of which I am reasonably certain: John Watson is dead. Isn't he?

Dedication: Thank you to Kate and Emilio for their invaluable help and support with this story. Also, big thank you to gin200168 for helping with the sciency stuff so I don't sound like too much of an idiot.

Author's Notes: Henry is an amalgam of several characters from ACD cannon, with an original modern spin. In my little headcannon he is played by Tom Hiddleston. This takes place sometime after season 3.

*Part 1: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6*

Additional artwork by Megabat here and here

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