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Rating: R average with spots of NC-17

Spoilers: Follows cannon, sometimes loosely, sometimes very closely, from the season one finale through season four.

Disclaimer: They're not mine, but some of the dialogue and plot points in this story are. I make no profit from messing around with them.

Archive: Talk to me and we'll see.

Summary: Sawyer's eyes widened as the pieces of the puzzle finally clicked into place in his mind. "You're tryin' to tell me you're pregnant?"

Author's Notes: The timelines are going to be pretty screwed up in this story. Partly because I started writing it before the season 2 premiere and then felt the need to re-write it to accommodate all the stuff having to do with the hatch and the doomsday computer and then it grew totally out of control. Working knowledge of the show and character's backgrounds (as seen in flashbacks) as well as several major (and some minor) plot points from all seasons is assumed. Anything else will be noted in each section.

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*Alternate - Christine's Birth*

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