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Rating: NC-17

Keywords: slash, John/Sherlock, bisexual John, demisexual Sherlock, mild military kink

Spoilers: None to speak of.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Arthur Conan Doyle, Mofftiss and the BBC. This particular plot bunny was planted in my head by this article so all credit and/or blame goes to Benedict Cumberbatch. Basically, this whole thing is my way of saying “okay, but...” Although I may have wandered quite a bit from the topic.

Archive: Just ask.

Summary: Most people tend to assume my flatmate is rubbish in bed. I am happy to report that they are wrong. However, there is one thing...

Dedication: To my friend, without whose constant prodding and support I may never have finished this story.

Author's Notes: This takes place sometime in the middle of season 2, probably, but as it is essentially plotless there is no specific timeline.

The vampire reference has nothing to do with Twilight or any other supernatural series. I have similar freckle patterns on my arms and I always jokingly call them my vampire bites.

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