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Rating: R to NC-17

Keywords/Warnings: Sawyer/Jack, slash between characters of opposite gender (no, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. Tell it to my muse), genderflip, girl!Jack

Spoilers: Maybe mild ones for mid-season 3.

Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The evil muse made me do it. I’m not profiting in any way and I promise to put them back as I found them! The muse must be obeyed, apparently.

Summary: Tiresias: a character in Greek mythology who was magically transformed from a man to a woman and back again. But what if the Dharma Initiative thought it was more than just a story?

Dedication: To all of the wonderful readers of my previous stories (love you guys, really!) and to TPTB for giving me such wonderful characters and material to work with. Apologies to Matthew Fox for continuing to abuse his character, though I doubt he gives a rip anymore.

Author's Notes: This takes place sometime after “I Do”, after Sawyer and Kate escaped the Others. Sun is not pregnant in this universe.

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