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"A Study in Pink" (or: Death Cab for Serial Killer)
A 100 year old story is adapted to the modern day with questionable results, but there’s so much ho yay and smart dialogue that nobody cares.

Spoiler rating: 1(4)

"The Blind Banker" (or: The Honeymooners)
Sherlock and Watson investigate the deaths of some British members of a Chinese mafia ring while bickering like a married couple. Also, John finds a beard.
Spoiler rating: 1(3)

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"The Great Game" (or: Demented Foreplay by Proxy)
Moriarty threatens to blow people up if Sherlock doesn’t solve a few choice cases, which somehow involves a lot of truly deranged flirting. John seriously questions why he’s living with an emotionless lunatic and Chrissy and I have trouble keeping our roles straight.

Spoiler rating: 1(4)

"A Scandal in Belgravia" (or: The Virgin and the Lesbian)
Irene Adler the dominatrix messes with Sherlock for the better part of a year and it’s all a whole lot creepier than I remembered. Also, there’s a lot of nudity.

Spoiler rating: 1(3)


"The Hounds of Baskerville" (or: Of Rockets and Recreational Drugs)
Mark Gatiss tries to adapt a hundred year old horror story that barely featured Sherlock at all and is mostly successful. Chrissy and I have way too much fun with Sherlock’s brief mention of rockets.

Spoiler rating: 1(3)




"The Reichenbach Fall" (or: Dueling Psychopaths)
Moriarty returns for the most famous story of the original cannon in which Arthur Conan Doyle tried very hard to kill Sherlock Holmes. Mofftis confuse the hell out of Sherlolly fans by teasing them while laying out all the reasons that ship is never gonna sail.

Spoiler rating: 1(5)

"The Empty Hearse [with Many Happy Returns]" (Now With 100% More Nepotism!)
Sherlock returns after two years spent dismantling Moriarty’s criminal network to find John has moved on with his life and now has some ridiculous facial hair. And a beard.
Spoiler rating: 1(4)


"The Sign of Three" (or: Weddings and HoYay)
John and Mary get married and Sherlock works through his abandonment issues. Also, there's a case in there somewhere involving John's former boyfriend sergeant. But basically if there was a song to represent this episode it would be this.

Spoiler rating: 1(3)


"His Last Vow" (or: Here Be Dragons...and Perverts)
John gets sucked back into the craziness, as he was always destined to, when Mary's true nature is revealed. In order to catch a fictional Murdoch villain, Sherlock pretends to be in love with a woman (it really is a stretch for him). The rape subtext comes back in full force. And Chrissy and I both develop raging cases of dissociative identity. Or maybe that's just me.

Spoiler rating: 1(4)


"The Abominable Bride" (or: Sherlock's Magical Mystery Tour)
Sherlock does hardcore drugs and tries to solve a Victorian case in a sublevel of his mind palace, weaving threads from previous episodes with actual Arthur Conan Doyle canon.

Spoiler rating: 1(4)

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