Torchwood – Miracle Day
Again, the spoiler ratings guide is


“The New World” (or: Everything Goes to Shit)
Everyone on Earth suddenly becomes mortal one day and Torchwood has some vague connection to it, which forces Gwen and Jack out of hiding. And this show is on American cable now, so...brace yourselves for gratuitous sex and violence.

Spoiler rating: 3


“Rendition” (or: Killing Time)
Jack, Gwen and Rex cross the Atlantic, seemingly in real time, while Juarez works on changing the entire healthcare system and Esther plays World's Worst Spy. Also, Oswald Danes is still important somehow. As is the new PR woman/vulture.
Spoiler rating: 3


“Dead of Night” (or: Soulless Takeover)
The team investigate PhiCorp's involvement with the Miracle while arguing the finer differences between British and American food and language. Also, Jack, Rex and Juarez get some.
Spoiler rating: 3


“Escape to L.A.” (or Hippies and Teabaggers)
Teabagger Ellis and Oswald war for prime TV coverage as the team break into PhiCorp to steal a computer server. Also, Juarez is still here somewhere.
Spoiler rating: 3


“Categories of Life” (or: This Was a Mistake)
Juarez briefly joins the team, only to uncover that the world has turned full Nazi with death camps and everything. Chrissy and I question our decision to recap this show.
Spoiler rating: 4


“Middle Men” (or We Don't Know What's Going On Either)
Jack meets with a PhiCorp stooge who assures him that PhiCorp is just profiting from the Miracle, not causing it. Maloney faces justice and Gwen gets preachy.
Spoiler rating: 3


“Immortal Sins” (or: And Now For a Sexy Interlude)
We take a break from the action to flash back on Jack's romance with a cute Italian guy in the 1920s. Which, of course, turns out to be related to what's going on in the present. Generally, this is one of the best episodes of the season, even if it has a few inconsistencies.
Spoiler rating: 3


“End of the Road” (or: Terrible Spies with Terrible Research Skills)
Old characters come back, people die (or whatever), a mole is revealed and everything goes to hell in a handbasket in the end.
Spoiler rating: 3


NEW - - > “The Gathering” (or: Bless You)
Everything starts finally coming together and the team get an inkling of what this might all be about. Charlotte and Rhys compete for the title of world's worst liar.
Spoiler rating: 3


NEW - - > “The Blood Line” (or: It's Called Mother Earth For a Reason)
The team defeat the families' supervillainous plot to create a new world order where they are in charge using the giant stone vagina that dictates all human life. Some die. Some die temporarily. And the show literally goes out with a bang and a WTF.
Spoiler rating: 4



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