About Me

My name is Diandra Hollman and I am a public librarian in the state of Minnesota which, according to Dave Barry, is actually located inside the arctic circle. But, for the benefit of non-Minnesotans, I am required by law to say that it is "just a bit nippy here".

I have been writing (and reading) fan fiction since I was 17, which was none-of-your-business years ago. My first story is probably not on this site anymore as I find much of what I wrote back then to be laughably bad. But the motivations behind those early stories were often the same: a desire to do something DIFFERENT. I started a "Titanic" story (that never saw the light of day) from Cal's point of view because I was tired of seeing him treated like a stereotypical villain. I wrote romantic stories pairing every combination of the quadrangle in X-Files (except Scully/Reyes as I am usually not that interested in femslash) just because I couldn't stand all the infighting and wanted to explore alternative pairs. I will support just about any pairing in any fandom and do not feel a need to treat them as mutually exclusive. As a result, my stories tend to vary (though they have been gravitating more and more towards slash to the point where I'm not sure I can write het anymore). What has not changed – and never will – is that no matter what pairing I choose to explore in a story or fandom, I will do so without "taking sides". No jealousy, no hatred, no character bashing. Period.

I'll be the first to admit that some of the stories on this site are bad. At least I think they are. They are my first stories, some of which were written just before I graduated from high school. You can recognize them by the terrible characterizations and lapses in logic. I like to think I've improved as a writer over the years. I've also learned a lot about fan fiction writing through research projects and have adjusted my style accordingly. This is not to say I'll never write a bad story again, but at least my standards are higher and I have a better idea of what the hell I'm doing. Also, I'm (slightly) more mature. Stress slightly. Which brings me to my next point...

Recaps. When I first started my website (back in the days when computers were powered by hamsters on wheels and they were a bitch to feed), I wrote reviews. Then I started reading recaps on "Television Without Pity" and my reviews started getting longer and a whole lot less pretentious. Nowadays I'm basically writing jokes and meta that follow along with whatever movie/show I'm recapping. Christine Anscher joined me back when I recapped "Pirates of the Caribbean" as a running joke and has graciously been helping me and keeping me entertained and mostly sane for many other recaps since. When we both felt we needed extra support getting through That Episode of "Sherlock", Emilio Taylor joined us. He has also been providing support, entertainment, snark and, occasionally, alcohol whenever we need a third wheel.

Check out my AO3 account for fanfics in progress and my Dreamwidth for general rants, recap previews etc. (or if you just want to chat).


~Diandra Hollman