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Rating: Strong *R* for sexual themes (but no actual sex here...sorry) ;)

Classification: S R (who needs plot?) ;)

Keywords: DSR fluff

Spoilers: Not bloody likely! ;P

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to the mean man who has been jerking all our chains for 9 years: Chris Carter.

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Summary: Scully is feeling very playful and seductive... Doggett will never know what hit him!

Dedication: To all my SHODDS sisters. You guys'll like this one! ;) Especially Lisa, who is my greatest source of encouragement in writing. And Meg, who has helped bring out the wicked side of me that helped me in the creating of this particular story. ;) A special thanks goes to Michelle, as this fic was written in response to her challenge. :) And to all the people who have worked to create these characters and bring them to life: thank you! :)

Author's Notes: Written in response to a challenge posted on SHODDS. Also, in this universe, Mulder and Scully never had a romantic relationship. They may have had "one lonely night", but that was all. They remain best friends. And William doesn't exist at all. I find that plotline to be a real bit** to work into stories.

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