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Rating: PG? Maybe PG-13 for depressing situations. :)

Keywords: Reyes POV, Character Death (sort of), strong DRF

Spoilers: 4-D

Disclaimer: If I owned them I'd have a lot more money than I do now...

Archive: Talk to me and we'll see.

Summary: "I'm trying desperately not to cry. I'm trying to be strong...for both of our sakes."

Dedication: To my fellow Doggett Torturers for your support. You guys rock! :) Ahem...thank you. Oh, and to Lisa for coming up with the title. Thanks Lisa! :)

Author's Notes: If you are looking for a happy little piece of fluff, then turn your butt around and find something else to read 'cause this ain't it! This has nothing to do with either of my works in progress. Sorry... This just came to me last night and I had to stay up until nearly one o'clock in the morning to finish it! Well...all that said, I hope you like it! :)

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