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Rating: NC-17 for brief, angsty sex

Classification: S R

Keywords: MSR (*gasp* Yes! I finally managed to write one!), Mulder Torture, Mulder Angst, Scully Angst

Spoilers: Series finale "The Truth"

Disclaimer: If they had belonged to me the show would have gone for at least another year. Obviously, they don't. ;P

Summary: "As much as it breaks my heart to see Mulder cry, I almost wish he would do just that now. At least it would prove to me that he is really in there - that the events of the last two years haven't sent him down the proverbial rabbit hole never to return."

Dedication: To Lisa, who puts up with all my half-ass, may-never-actually-be-finished stories even if they are in a genre she's not particularly a fan of. And to all of those readers out there who put up with me even though I straddle just about every fence in the fandom. :)

Author's Notes: This is my version of therapy. Please don't flame me.

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