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Rating: NC-17. I guess.

Classification: Vark. Sort of.

Keywords: Vark UST, Vaughn/Other slash

Spoilers: Do you even know me?

Disclaimer: Michael Vaughn belongs to JJ Abrams, Bad Robot Productions, ABC and Michael Vartan. The other person who shall remain nameless in this story belongs to himself. That is all.

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Summary: "Realization slammed into Vaughn with staggering force. 'He reminds me of Sark.'"

Author's Notes: My muse hates me. That's the only explanation I can come up with for why she would just come back out of freaking NOWHERE and *demand* that I write this instead of the half-dozen or so other stories I have started. She wouldn't even let me sleep! >8-I Anyway, this story is *technically* a crossover between Alias and a particular fandom of RPS. However, if you don't recognize any of the clues I've left as to who the mysterious man is, then you can just assume that I made him up and no harm no foul. It doesn't really matter - I just needed somebody who bore at least a slight resemblance to Sark. For a longer version of this story where this person's identity is revealed, go here.

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