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Rating: NC-17. I guess.

Keywords: Vark UST, Vaughn/Other, slash, real person crossover, mission, capture, torture, angst

Spoilers: Hell no

Disclaimer: Michael Vaughn belongs to JJ Abrams, Bad Robot Productions, ABC and Michael Vartan. Orlando Bloom belongs to himself and I am in no way implying that he is a homosexual in real life or that he would ever do anything like this. Considering the other character in this story is fictional, it should be obvious that this is totally made up.

Summary: "Vaughn had known being a CIA spook would get him killed one day, but somehow he had always pictured his death as being more heroic. Being taken down in a hail of bullets, maybe...Instead here he was kneeling in front of his kidnapper, knowing he had condemned an innocent man to death all because he couldn't turn down an opportunity for sex."

Dedication: To Michael Vartan and Orlando Bloom with my most sincere apologies.

Author's Notes: I had this idea for an angsty VARK (Vaughn/Sark) story, but then I smoked some crack and wrote this. ;) You might want to suspend your disbelief before entering. Don’t worry, you’ll get it back when you’re done.

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