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Althea (Troy)
Althea asks Odysseus about her parents.
Rating/warnings: PG-13, OC, references to mpreg

Beg For It (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
"Technically, using the Bands of Cyttorak to force the doctor to kneel for him was cheating. But then, Loki was never very good at playing by the rules."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, BDSM, slash

NEW - - > Better Than Porn (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
"The first time all three of them came together was bound to involve some initial awkwardness and adjustment. Though Tony was relieved to discover that there was not as much of either as he expected."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, threesome, slash

NEW - - > Birthday Sex (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
For his birthday, Tony's lovers agree to fulfill one of his fantasies.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, threesome, slash, fisting

 The Brit: Extended Edition
"Vaughn had known being a CIA spook would get him killed one day, but somehow he had always pictured his death as being more heroic. Being taken down in a hail of bullets, maybe...Instead here he was kneeling in front of his kidnapper, knowing he had condemned an innocent man to death all because he couldn't turn down an opportunity for sex."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, Crossover: Alias/Orlando Bloom, real person fic, slash, torture

Quantum Leap: The "Lost" Episode
Sam Becket leaps into Jack Shephard in 1970s Dharmaville. It proves to be his most confusing leap yet.
Rating/warnings: PG-13 to soft R, Crossover: Lost/Quantum Leap, slash, body switching