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Rating: A very strong R

Classification: S A R

Keywords: Crossover (X-Files/Alias), Mulder/Scully UST, Vaughn/Sydney UST, AU, Slash themes, Mulder POV, some mild Vaughn abuse because I apparently can't get through a story without roughing *somebody* up at least a little. ;P

Spoilers: Two shows and I still manage to have absolutely NO spoilers whatsoever. Isn't that sad? Well, maybe some *very* general ones for Season 8 of X-Files.

Disclaimer: (see story)

Archive: Heck, I don't know. Gossamer, Ephemeral, Mulder Slash, Cover Me and Alias Slash. If anybody else wants it, just let me know. I like to know where my "babies" are going so I can visit them once in a while. ;)

Summary:"I *am* straight, despite the evidence to the contrary that was literally laying in front of me that morning. At least I'm reasonably certain that I am."

Dedication: To Lisa, who proved that she's willing to stick by me no matter what I write, whether it's DSR, MSR, slash, or crossovers with shows she doesn't watch. ;D Thank you! And to all the fanfiction authors out there - you know who you are - who are brave enough to 'color outside the box'. Am I mixing metaphors there? Oh, well, you know what I mean, right? ;) And finally, to the actors who bring these two wonderful characters to life: David Duchovny and Michael Vartan. :::gros bisses::: ;) Also: I'm sorry.

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This work is part of the Detox series.
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