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Rating: NC-17

Keywords/Warnings: AU, Crossover (Alias/X-Files), Slash, het, femslash, prostitution, lots of sex and debauchery, descriptions of rape, questionable consensuality on a couple occasions, Mulder/Vaughn, a little Jack/Vaughn, Sark/Vaughn, some Sloane/Vaughn (yes, it disturbs me too), varying combinations of Vaughn/Sydney/Lauren/Nadia (Sydney and Nadia are NOT sisters in this universe), pregnancy, a (brief) discussion on abortion, a little kink here and there, some general Vaughn Abuse and did I mention lots and lots of sex?

Spoilers: General plot. Nothing major and it's all AU so it doesn't really matter anyway.

Disclaimer: Mulder belongs to Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen. Everybody else belongs to JJ Abrams and Bad Robot. Clearly, none of these people would let me get anywhere near their characters.

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Summary: "Part of me wanted for it to be real - wanted to let go and enjoy the treatment. But deep down I knew it was a lie. It was only a matter of time before his illusion was shattered - before he realized that he couldn't save me from this life and that I could never allow myself to fall for him."

Dedication: To the creators of two of the best shows on television. The shows and these characters will be missed.

Author's Notes: Yes, Lauren is in this story. No, she will not be an evil witch. If that bothers you, go find something else to read. This story is partly inspired by a couple VigOrli stories I read, particularly Jen Lynn's outstanding "Lost and Found".

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