Marvel Cinematic Universe

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NEW --> The Arrangement (Steve/Tony)
Inspired by the Black Mirror episode "Striking Vipers". After The Snap, Tony experiments with BARF tech and VR. Of course, it isn't long before someone decides to use it for sex. As my friend Chrissy described it: Tony and Steve spend the Blip fucking in The Matrix.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, slash, genderbending, major character death

Beg For It (Loki/Strange)
"Technically, using the Bands of Cyttorak to force the doctor to kneel for him was cheating. But then, Loki was never very good at playing by the rules."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, BDSM, slash

Better Than Porn (Loki/Strange/Stark)
"The first time all three of them came together was bound to involve some initial awkwardness and adjustment. Though Tony was relieved to discover that there was not as much of either as he expected."
Rating/warnings: NC-17, threesome, slash

Birthday Sex (Loki/Strange/Stark)
For his birthday, Tony's lovers agree to fulfill one of his fantasies.
Rating/warnings: NC-17, threesome, slash, fisting

Destiny (Loki/Strange)
Thor returns to Asgard after the battle of Sokovia to find Loki occupying the throne. As a Queen. A very beautiful, very pregnant Queen.
Ratings/warnings: R, repeated temporary character death, pregnant Loki (in female form), shapeshifting