Movie Recaps

Once upon a time there was a site called Television Without Pity - sadly no longer in existence. And once upon a time I attempted to write movie reviews to post alongside the fan fiction on my website. The longer I followed recaps on TWoP, the more my reviews came to resemble them until I finally gave up on the idea of writing formal reviews because recaps were more detailed anyway. I also gave up on these having any sort of theme because the nice thing about doing recaps informally - as opposed to doing them for a site like TWoP - is that I can do whatever I want and I don't have deadlines. This is especially convenient as writing is not my day job. So here, in as best an attempt at descending chronological order as I can manage (so newest first), are my film and television recaps.

Regardless of the MPAA rating of the movie, all recaps have adult vocabulary and themes and are not suitable for minors.

All recaps contain spoilers. All movies are marked with a spoiler rating. You can check the spoiler ratings guide here (opens in new window).