Marvel Cinematic Universe

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"WandaVision" part 1, part 2, part 3 (or: A Magical Mystery Tour Through Television History)
Wanda takes a town hostage and does homages to sitcoms from every decade of American television. It's actually pretty great.

Spoiler rating: 4 to 5


"Thor" (or: Shakespeare in the ComicVerse)
Yeah, I'm backtracking again. But this is just a short summary hitting all the main points we need to remember before I get to "Loki".

Spoiler rating:3

"Loki" part 1, part 2, part 3 (or: Once More Unto the Multiverse)
In the first foray into the multiverse...which was supposed to be the second probably...the story continues from AltLoki escaping in Endgame and introduces an organization and characters that will probably continue into other parts of the MCU. And a bunch of Lokis. 

Spoiler rating:4 to 5

"What If..." part 1, part 2 (or: Alternate Plotlines)
The writers go down some alternate plots from comics that they couldn't do in the main MCU for obvious reasons. 

Spoiler rating:3

"Iron Man 3", "Shang Chi" and "Hawkeye" (or: Ten Rings and Two Archers)
We do a brief run through a couple things before we really get into the multiverse insanity. I kind of regret not doing a full recap of "Shang", but the other two...this is enough.

Spoiler rating:3

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" (or: All Aboard the Good Ship Fanservice)
Y'all know what this one's about already. Avoiding spoilers because you didn't want to risk catching Omicron just to see a movie in a packed theater was literally impossible.

Spoiler rating:4 (assuming you managed to get this far without the major character death being spoiled)

NEW --> "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" (or: Army of the Evil Dead)
The MCU issues its first horror movie and it is CAMPY. And also a hot mess thanks to rewrites, large chunks of it being reshot and a pandemic screwing up everything.

Spoiler rating:3