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I am separating this season from the rest because it just seemed to make sense to treat it like a completely separate entity. Feel free to disregard these if you're content with pretending this season never happened. Or read it for my exasperated bitching. Whatever.

"The Six Thatchers" (or: James Bond Lite)
In an awkward update of "The Six Napoleons", Sherlock practically ignores some murders in order to track down somebody he thinks is working for Moriarty by destroying Margaret Thatcher statues for...reasons. It's really not clear what the point of this is (aside from getting rid of Mary).

Spoiler rating: 1(3)

"The Lying Detective" (or: A Good Plot Gone Wrong)
In what is sadly the best of the three episodes this season, Mofftiss pay lip service to a Doyle short story while mostly setting up the travesty that is the next episode in a way that makes this one, ultimately, bizarre and contrived.

Spoiler rating: 1(3)


"The Final Problem" (or: The Prisoner)
In what could very well be the final episode ever, Mofftiss lose their goddamn minds and completely destroy the series with a crossover between "Fort Boyard" and "Saw" starring a villain with superhuman intelligence who turns out to have been the "real" Moriarty. Everyone acts blissfully unaware of how genuinely terrible it all is.

Spoiler rating: 1(0)