Stand Alone Television Recaps

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NEW --> "The Night Manager" part 1, part 2 (or: The Name is Pine. Jonathan Pine.)
Evil Dr. House vs Good Spy Loki. With an assist from The Queen and that gold lady from "Guardians of the Galaxy". 

Spoiler rating: 1 (3)

SNL episode 47x19 (or: Serious Deja Vu)

Since I recapped the last one Benedict hosted, I figured I should do this one too. At least this time it was better.

Spoiler rating: 0.

SNL episode 42x05 (or: There is Something Seriously Wrong With Me)

I recap SNL again over the course of several days in a desperate effort to distract myself from the disaster that was Election 2016. It's debatable which is the bigger mess: the recap or the episode itself.

Spoiler rating: 0.

Extras episode 2x01: "Orlando Bloom" (or: Let's Hear it for Stupidity!)
Orlando parodies himself on one of Ricky Gervais' many British sitcoms and I cry quietly over the state of humanity.
Spoiler rating: ? I've never watched the show, so I don't know what qualifies as spoilers.

SNL episode 32x07 (or: Let's All Talk About How Cute Matthew is and Call it a "Sketch")
Matthew does guest hosting duties on the ever devolving SNL and I am reminded of why I hardly ever watch this show anymore.
Spoiler rating: was a live show and aired in '06 so I'm gonna go with 0.

Kitchen Confidential episode 1x04: "F@#% the French" (or: Boys Will be Juvenile)
In possibly the funniest episode of a now canceled series, Bradley Cooper and Michael Vartan pretend to be bitter rivals, bickering and playing pranks while trying not to make each other giggle. HoYay and incomprehensible accents abound!
[pictures inside]
Spoiler rating: K

Friends episode 4x08: "The One with Chandler in a Box" and Ally McBeal episodes 4x03-4x04: "Two's a Crowd" and "Without a Net" (or: The One Where Calista Was a Hypocrite)

Michael Vartan guest stars on Friends as the never-before-seen offspring of Tom Selleck's recurring character and goes on a date doomed to disaster with Monica. Three years later, he attempts dating Ally McBeal, who basically *is* a disaster and Calista makes a lot of comments that have no doubt haunted her ever since these episodes aired.

[pic 1, pic 2]

Spoiler rating: Well, given that these episodes all aired several years ago and both shows were canceled long ago, I'm going to say 2.

Lost episode 1x12: "Outlaws" (or: Shut Up, Jack!)
In the second Sawyer-central episode of season one, Robert Patrick guest stars as Sawyer's former partner with information on the man who ruined Sawyer's life. Meanwhile, on the Island of No Return, Sawyer mounts an expedition to hunt down a boar he thinks is out to get him because he is paranoid and childish and Kate joins him to fuel the Skaters of the "Lost" fandom. Also, Jack annoys Diandra but he does that in almost every episode.
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Spoiler rating: 4